Lilac mini rex are a gorgeous color when done right. The color should be a mediume dove gray over the entire body. Tonenails are to have pigmentation and should match. Eyes are to be Blue-gray, with a ruby glow permissible. Sound simple right? Well, getting the "Perfect lilac" isn't easy, to say the least. Most people don't want to raise lilacs because they don't think they can win with them.  Here are a couple tips to help your lilac program in the future.

2. FUR

Lilac is a dilute variety, so the fur tends to be soft in texture and lacking on density. The lilacs fur also tends to curl when out of condition and when it gets damp. To improve the quality of the fur, I usually breed it to a white. Lilacs will sunburn like any other variety, so make sure they aren't an ANY sun whatsoever. Once they sunburn, you have to wait until they completely molt out into there new coat, which can take quite some time.  


Getting type on a lilac is a little easier than getting the fur. I usualy breed my lilacs to blacks, whites and chocolates. When breeding your lilacs to blacks and whites, it will probably take at least one generation to get any lilacs. To make it faster, get a black or white that has ether Chocolate, Blue or lilac in the first or second generation. Some breeders believe that breeding to black will cause brown eyes. It may differ from one line to another, but I have never once found a brown eye on my lilacs. Breeding to blacks will also help with the nail color. White or mismatched nails are one of the biggest challenges when breeding lilacs. Make sure you aren't doing to much lilac to lilac breeding because after to many generations, it will start draining the nail color out. I have a couple lilacs with lighter nails, but they have nice type and coats. Should I still show them? I't differs from judge to judge whether or not they will DQ it. I've had a rabbit get DQ'ed in show A and B but win show C. I think if the rabbit is very exceptional, then you should give it a chance. Now the big questions is, should I use it in my breeding program? If your having trouble with white nails, I wouldn't keep it. If you were to keep it, It should be bred to a Chocolate or black. If you keep on breeding the light nails in to your breeding program, it's going to catch up to you in the future. Lilacs are a beautiful and fun variety to show and breed. If you have any questions or comments about lilacs, feel free to email me.

Getting type on your Lilacs should be your biggest goal.
6/30/2013 16:38:03

My two boys have started with mini rex for 4h. My one son has a lilac buck that he bred to a chocolate. The babies have chocolate tip, lilac undercoat. What color are lilacs when they are born? Will these babies shed out to lilac? Thus is our second year in 4h so we are still learning alot.

5/30/2016 23:41:41

wow your topline rabbit really good.


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    My name is Larissa Schultz.  I raise and show mini rex rabbits. specializing in Black, Chocolate, Lilac, and White.  This is just some of the tips and things I have learned while raising mini rex rabbits. 


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